The Pressroom

Our climate controlled pressroom houses a diverse array of high-capacity Heidelberg offset press technology enabling us to print on anything from onionskin to cardboard. HEIDELBERG SPEEDMASTER® XL106-10P+UV, this powerful 10 color perfecting press can print both sides of a 40” sheet in a single pass, making short work of long magazine runs. Using UV inks and coatings, the XL106 can produce a wide variety of print and specialty finishing effects. Additionally, the sheets come off the press completely dry and ready for Bindery – reducing the time to market for your print project. The UV curing of each sheet ensures bright color and accurate reproduction of your images. CBN Commercial Solutions is the first commercial printer in Canada to install the color Prinect Inspection Control system on our XL 106-10P+UV press, enabling inline sheet inspection for maximum security in the printing process. By providing the press operator with fast, early detection of print faults such as hickeys, ink splashes, or print defects, press runs are virtually error-free. The XL 106 is also equipped with the Prinect Inpress Control system to ensure color and registration consistency throughout the print run. With automated inspection, you can be assured that your print will look great! From an environment perspective, the XL-106 press uses UV inks that contain zero VOCs and zero Hazardous Airborne Particles while delivering outstanding quality and unapparelled effects.

Fine Color Digital

When you have time sensitive communication that requires fast turnaround, you don’t want to sacrifice print quality or the ability to personalize your message…. CBN Commercial Solutions can help you out!

CBN Commercial Solutions provides fine color digital printing based on HP Indigo Digital Offset Color technology allowing you to print on demand, personalize your message and not sacrifice print quality. CBN CS offers a unique combination of best print quality in the industry, wide color gamut, substrate versatility, speed, productivity, flexibility, and the ability to vary every printed copy.

The HP Indigo Digital Offset Color printing process is the only variable imaging printing technology that can equal or exceed the quality, color range, and substrate compatibility of conventional offset printing.

Our Digital Offset Color process is compatible with a wider variety of substrate types, surfaces and thickness than any other digital printing process. These include; paper, card stock, plastic, film, paperboard, and metals.

CBN CS digital technology offers important benefits, both economic and environmental. Since each product may be targeted and personalized to a final recipient, waste is reduced and warehousing is minimized as pages may be printed just in time and on demand.

To celebrate the 90th anniversary of Calgary’s J Vair Anderson Jewellers, we printed a short run of books that utilized a number of innovative digital techniques to fashion something that was as luxurious as the jewellery they offer.

Display Graphics

Reaching your audience at the point when they’re most captive and likely to make a decision is the entire purpose behind successful retail displays. CBN CS can help you display your message!

Do you need get your message to stand out and capture attention? CBN CS offers a full suite of wide format printing solutions. We offer display graphic solutions such as; back-lit media display, banners posters fabric graphics, window graphics and interior and exterior display applications.

We offer a wide variety of materials for point of sale, windows, floors, and walls. Permanent or temporary we provide the right solution so that your display graphics attract the attention they are looking for.

Our products are terrific, our services are tremendous including; design, production, kitting fulfillment, integrated digital marketing services, campaign management, store profiling, installation and takedown.

Direct Mail Services

Delivering targeted messages to your audience while ensuring confidential data is protected and managing the ever-changing complexities of mail regulations is a daunting task. We have a solution for you.

CBN CS provides comprehensive Direct Mail services for marketing and critical transactional documents.

Direct mail combines the impact of physicality and the power of data-driven relevance to send a message that resonates. CBN CS provides data management, programming, personalization, printing, lettershop services, kitting and fulfillment.

We are known for our comprehensive services and trusted to deliver critical and confidential marketing messages, fund development mail, business correspondence such as invoices, municipal licenses and tax notices.

Working with The University of Southern California we used a number of highly innovation techniques to create a series of personalized tickets that captured the excitement and energy of USC football. The personalized tickets and pin point accuracy of our fulfillment services delivered the winning game plan!

Print Management Services

Document access control, manual processes, multiple billing and financial reporting platforms which feature cumbersome payment processes and lack of spend visibility are some of the key challenges organizations face. These challenges are addressed through CBN Commercial Solutions Print Management Services.

Print Management Services is the provision of printing, marketing and mail services through CBN CS Online Portal and Account Management services.

CBN CS Print Management Services provides online procurement, supply/fulfillment and account management services.

At no additional cost, the client will be provided a program that will provide a comprehensive approach to acquire, manage, distribute and expense their marketing, communication and operational documents. These services help our clients gain visibility and control of controlled and non-controlled documents, which helps save money and boost productivity.

CBN Commercial Solutions program will provide its clients a comprehensive approach to manage, acquire, distribute and expense their marketing, communication and operational documents which provides clients the following benefits

  • Document obsolescence management
  • Document version control
  • Spend visibility & control
  • Compliance monitoring
  • Process improvement
  • Brand consistency
  • Leverage spend
  • A positive online experience for their stakeholders